Things To Do In Las Vegas That Don’t Involve Gambling


So you are going to Las Vegas but you don’t really want to gamble? Have no fear, there are lots of things to do and see that don’t shiny slot machines or black jack dealers.

There are quite a few elite casino/hotel properties on the Strip for you to visit during your trip. Don’t worry, there is more to do than just gambling at almost all of the casinos scr888 .

1. The Bellalgio offers a phenomenal water fountain show in front of the hotel. The water show plays 7 days a week and typically starts in the afternoon. Depending on the season, the water show plays out every 15 minutes to every half an hour. The shows rotate through about 20 different songs giving you lots to ogle at for hours on end.

2. The Bellagio Conservatory is a beautiful and whimsical garden experience just past the hotel registration desk. The Conservatory is decked out for the four seasons in all their glory. The highlights of past Christmas setups have been a giant Christmas tree, stars hanging from the ceiling, Santa’s reindeer sailing by overhead, and a beautiful scene of penguins and their icy habitat. All of the seasons are exciting and worth the trip to see.

3. The Venetian has an Italian theme complete with an indoor and outdoor gondola ride on beautiful canals. The gondolier’s sing to you as they navigate through the gentle waters of the canals. If you like, you can even get married while on a gondola ride at the Venetian.

4. Inside at the Grand Canal Shoppes, you can visit fine retailers and walk alongside the canal as if you were in Venice itself. If you rest for awhile at the replica of St. Mark’s Square, you may be blessed to see a performance by the wandering opera singers that provide free shows daily for the visitors.

5. The Mirage offers the erupting volcano show in front of the hotel nightly. The show runs about every 15 minutes and is filled with lights, sounds, lasers, and of course lots of fire to simulate erupting lava flows. Have you ever seen water on fire? Check out the volcano show and that’s exactly what you will see.

6. Treasure Island offers it Sirens of TI show nightly, weather permitting, in front of it’s hotel. This is a free show on a grand scale! Two very large sailing ships are in play with one of the ships actually sinking at every show (approximately 4 shows per night). This show often gets very crowded so make sure that you get there early enough to secure a good spot to see all the action. Check with the hotel to see if the show will be operating on the night of your visit. Since the performers are involved in a number of risky acrobatic maneuvers, the show is sometimes canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions.

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